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China best Centrifugal chiller manufacture! Products range include: centrifugal water chillers from 350TR to 2200TR.
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Projects show: 

● In 1962 It is entitled tp be one of the 5 blower enterprises with production
capacity of total 12382 units since 1958 .
● In 1963 It manufactured the first FW9-35 No.15.5 corrosion-proof high
temperature fan in China .
● In 1987 It made record of China's first high temperature fan exported to Pakistan.
● In 1987 It provided the first and biggest BB24 high temperature fan for key
project, Lunan Cement Factory in China
● In 1995 High temperature fans like W6-29、W6-39 won national high-tech new
product certification .
● In1997 The W12-50№9C high temperature fan won national new product award.
● In 2000 It introduced the first high temperature fan for kiln of cement production
line with daily production capacity of 5000 tons in China. In 2002 successfully
introduced the high temperature fan for cement kiln outlet in China.
● In 2003 It provided complete-set fan for Tibet Gaotian Cement Factory located
the highest altitude in the world .
● In 2005 It successfully introduced circulation fan for the first max. steam furnace
of synthesis ammonia with the annual production capacity of 500,000 tons in China.
● In 2008 It introduced the first generation highly efficient fan with curved blade .
● In 2009 It successfully developed coke quenching fan with high efficiency and flow
passage of same width .
● In 2010 In successfully MVR centrifugal fan and all Hydrogen Bell-type Furnace
Fan .
● In 2011 In introduced the first two-stage high temperature fan in China .
● Currently there are 151 technicians in our technical department, including 2
with master's degree, 98 with bachelor's degree, 20 specialists, one professor-
level senior engineering , and 58 engineers, including 24 senior ones.
● With continuous improvement and re-innovation, our aerodynamic design
technology of 3D flow impeller has reached the world leading level.
● 10,000,000 yuan was invested to build the turbine machinery digital design
platform, which highly improves the R&D ability to the leading level. The
centrifugal compressors designed and manufactured by CQGI were widely used
in many fields especially for nuclear power station & large marine equipments,
as well as petrochemical and coal chemical process.
● We have accumulated engineering experience about research & development
of centrifugal compressor for over 50 years. Based on mature impeller
mechanical design and analysis software, we have constructed integrated
design platform for product development including design analysis ,
performance prediction , 3D geometric design and optimization , overall 3D CFD
flow field analysis , finite element analysis(FEA) , rotor dynamic analysis, and
impeller NC machining , thus realizing fast ,accurate and flexible design for
centrifugal compressor.
American Concepts NREC is a leading technical service
company which provides turbo-machinery CAE / CAM technology
all over the world. , CQGI now has its license technology and
advanced software such as COMPAL, AXCENT, MAX5, etc.
COMPAL: this is used to determine geometrical dimension of the
main components, and meanwhile predict the performance curve
under various working conditions. During the designing process,
CQGI has not only made the best of designing and testing models
in Concepts NREC, but also taken advantage of the designing
experience accumulated over the past years and the existing
products as reference
AXCENT: this is used to read statistics from COMPAL, in order for
the molding designing of 3D impellers with ruled and free-form
curved surface, etc, and also for the analysis of quasi 3-D flow
field. The output statistics of impellers is used for manufacturing,
as well as analysis and optimization of CFD in the following step.
After the designing analysis of compressor and 3D geometrical design, there is a
numerical simulation analysis of 3D viscous fluid field by NUMECA FINE/TURBO
software to optimize and improve designing.